Durable Medical Equipment

We supply you with a variety of durable medical equipment, including braces, canes, hot packs, and therapeutic pillows, based on your individual needs.

Hydro-bed Therapy

A hydro-bed uses a combination of water, heat and massage to provide relief from muscle soreness, stiffness and tension.

Weight Loss Program

Tired of one-size-fits-all programs that don’t produce the results you want? We understand that not everyone is the same, and different bodies need different plans. We will create a weight loss program designed specifically to your needs and goals.


We believe that everyone should have access to quality physical medicine. If you do not have a ride to your appointment, we will provide transportation for you.

Functional evaluations

Functional evaluations are non-invasive procedures that assess an individual’s ability to function. The first test is used to establish a baseline for the patient. The tests are then repeated throughout a patient’s treatment to follow their progress. The findings from the subsequent exams help guide the development of and modifications to the patient’s treatment plan.